Lucid Motors has introduced that it is making a brand new motorsports power unit (MDU) for what it calls “the sector’s main single-seater electrical racing sequence.” For causes unknown to us at the present time, Lucid does not use the identify System E when talking of its motorsport accomplishments. Since there is just one “main single-seater electrical racing sequence,” we’re certainly speaking in regards to the entrance motor used within the Gen 3 System E vehicles offered for this season on the opening race in Mexico. Till this yr, FE vehicles most effective used a 200-kilowatt motor at the rear axle to show the rear wheels. The Gen 3 vehicles have added Lucid’s front-mounted unit. In spite of using the phrase “power,” the unit would possibly not power the entrance wheels — it is used as a generator feeding as much as 250 kW of regen braking power to the gadget. Mixed with a rear power unit upgraded to 350 kW, the Gen 3 vehicles boast 600 kW of energy possible.  

Lucid advanced the unit in-house, its compact case containing the motor, inverter, differential and transmission. The entire kaboodle weighs 32 kilograms (70.5 kilos) and will produce 469 horsepower, giving it an influence density of 14.7 hp/kg. That is the similar max horsepower produced through the rear power motors that each and every of the producers within the sequence can select to make for themselves or purchase. So, sure, a group may purchase Lucid’s MDU and stick it on the again as neatly, similar to Venturi Racing used to promote its FE powertrains to Dragon Racing and Mercedes-Benz. On the entrance, on the other hand, the unit’s restricted to that 250-kW power manufacturing, or 268 horsepower.  

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Automaker CEO Peter Rawlinson stated “the brand new motorsports power unit builds upon powertrain generation advanced in-house through Lucid and shown at the street in each Lucid Air,” reversing the standard tout about placing race generation at the street. The MDU employs the high-voltage steady wave winding and microjet cooling tech because the motors within the manufacturing Air. Rawlinson additionally hinted in regards to the risk “one of the vital technical developments offered might make their solution to long term Lucid street vehicles.”

The race-road line is nearly as blurred at Lucid as it’s at Porsche or Ferrari, despite the fact that. Lucid began as an organization referred to as Atieva, based through ex-Tesla VP Bernard Tse with entrepreneur and investor Sam Weng in 2007, considering battery tool and packs. Atieva rebranded to Lucid in 2016, the Atieva identify getting used for Lucid’s generation arm. Rawlinson got here on as Atieva’s CTO in 2013, taking on because the rebranded Lucid’s CEO — together with the Atieva department — in 2019. The respectable identify of the entrance power unit provider is Atieva. Were given all that?  

Extra importantly, the brand new MDU information method Lucid has swapped its provider standing with FE. Lucid labored with McLaren Carried out Applied sciences and Sony to give you the 54-kW battery packs for the Gen 2 System E vehicles that enabled the vehicles to run a complete race distance beginning in 2018, and Lucid says, “You’ll in finding the similar race-proven generation from Atieva for your Lucid Air, too.” So the Air has all the time been a little bit bit racy, now System E is getting a little bit bit Air-y. 

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We will in finding out simply how racy the present Air sedan will also be when the Air Sapphire starts deliveries later this yr. It could be a disgrace if impartial EV restomod outfits could not get this new MDU in their very own builds as neatly.

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